In order to keep us all safe, at St. Cecilia’s Tarxien, we are updating our operating procedures as we transition to regular use of our Childcare facility following the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Parents should be aware of the following steps we are taking:

  • Establishing of a reception area after admittance of the child where they may sanitize their hands before entering the Childcare.
  • We will be segregating groups of children and carers from each other to reduce contact. In these cases, as much as possible, siblings will be kept together.
  • Pick-up and drop-off procedures have been updated. We understand this may incur some extra time as we get used to these new procedures and appreciate your understanding in this matter. See ‘Pick-up and Drop-off’ section below
  • Carers and staff operating manuals are being updated in line with COVID recommendations regarding social distancing and good hygiene practices. These also include procedures for dealing with suspected COVID Cases
  • Cleaning procedures are being updated in line with recommendations, including the cleaning of frequently touched areas.

This guidance may be updated at any time in line with the latest directives from the Ministry of Health.

Declaration Form

Parents must sign a declaration form stating that they authorise St. Cecilia’s Tarxien to pass on their details as well as child details to Health authorities should there be the need in the case of COVID-19 illness. You may download the form and submit it on your first drop off to the school.

Pick-up and drop-off

Pick-up and drop-off of children is to happen outside the premises unless it is determined that there is a need for the parent/guardian to enter the premises. 

Parents and staff are both responsible for checking children’s temperature before coming to the childcare centre.

All children and parents/guardians will be temperature screened at drop-off. If any temperature is equal to or greater than 37.2 degrees Celsius or if there are any signs of respiratory infection, the children will not be allowed to attend the Childcare and must stay home. Signs include cough (dry or productive), loss of appetite, chills, nasal congestion, headache, feeling unwell/fatigue, sore muscles, runny nose/sneezing, sore throat/hoarseness, wheezing, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, diarrhoea, vomiting or other.

Pushchairs or any kind of baby carriers will not be allowed inside.

Restricted Access to the Childcare Premises

No parents or guardians are to be allowed in the centre at any time (including in reception). Parents are encouraged to get in touch via alternate means to discuss any matters required.

Suspected Cases

St Cecilia’s Tarxien will immediately notify parents/guardians if their child begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while in childcare, including the need for immediate pick up.

Parents are required to advise the management if a family member or relative has tested positive for COVID-19, and must not bring the child to the Childcare for (14 days).

Where a Swab test has been recommended, the child is to remain at home until a negative test result has been received. Any result, whether Positive or Negative, is to be forwarded to the Centre immediately.

St Cecilia’s Tarxien reserves the right to ask families returning from abroad to get tested and await a negative result before their child/children are allowed on the premises.

The Management

St Cecilia’s Childcare & Kindergarten (Tarxien)

Thursday 4th June 2020