COVID-19 Notice

Dear parents, please familiarize yourselves with our updated guidance here . These will help keep us all safe as we transition back into regular attendance at our Childcare.

Please note that no visitors can be accepted at the centre while in this transition period. Please email or call us with any queries you may have and we will make sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible.


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Weekday afternoons/evenings & Saturday morning service

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St Cecilia’s is a Childcare and Kindergarten in Tarxien providing children (aged 13 months – 5 years) with educational and social skills for life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children a holistic developmental experience in a loving environment through various educational activities and experiences.

“Our family has had the privilege of being a part of this fantastic team and school. The educators and administrators are the best. Thank you so much for your support and for taking care of my son Roan mercieca . He was very happy with you all”

M Mercieca

School Hours

The basic school hours are from 8:30am to 1:00pm*.

*As from July 2020, these will be increased to 8:00am to 1:00pm.

We also provide an extra-hours service for those who require it. These are from 7:00am to 8:30am in the morning and from 1:00pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon.

We also provide a childminding service from 2:00pm to 7:00pm on weekdays and from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.